President Donald Trump’s budget director says the proposed government spending plan is the vision on which the president ran and that he actually is following through on his promises to the American people.

Mick Mulvaney told NBC television’s Meet the Press Sunday that means “more money for defense, more money to secure the border, more money for law enforcement generally.”

Although the proposed budget slashes spending for the arts, environmental protection and social services, Mulvaney described what he calls its “compassion.”

“Not just the compassion in terms of where the money goes but the compassion of where the money comes from. Could I as a budget director look at the coal miner in West Virginia and say ‘I want you please to give some of your money to the federal government so that I can give it to the National Endowment for the Arts?'”

Mulvaney said Trump’s proposed budget increases spending on his priorities without adding to the deficit. He told NBC that a detailed budget will be ready in May, and says it will include an outline for balancing the federal budget within 10 years.

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