President Donald Trump is headed Wednesday to the Midwestern farm state of Iowa, where he is scheduled to tour an agricultural program at a community college and then hold a political rally.

It is his first visit to the rural state in the U.S. heartland since he won it in last November’s election on his way to a four-year term in the White House.

Trump has made several forays to states that he won over Democrat Hillary Clinton for political rallies reminiscent of his 2016 campaign.

Trump, who already has said he plans to run for re-election in 2020, has basked in the cheers of thousands of his supporters at the rallies.

The president has appeared to enjoy the respite from official Washington, where congressional committees and a special prosecutor are investigating Russian meddling in last year’s election aimed at helping him win, and whether Trump obstructed justice by firing FBI Director James Comey, who was leading the Russia investigation at the time Trump ousted him.


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