Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Monday announced her new political action committee, which she said she hopes will encourage people to get involved and even run for office.

“In recent months, we’ve seen what’s possible when people come together to resist bullying, hate, falsehoods and divisiveness, and to stand up for a fairer, more inclusive America,” Clinton tweeted.

Her new PAC, called “Onward Together,” will use Clinton’s fundraising skills to provide support for groups that support Democrats.

They include Color of Change, which fights for voting and policy reforms to end discrimination against African Americans.

Clinton did not mention Donald Trump by name in her tweets. But she did note that she won 66 million votes in the November election, which is more than Trump, who won the Electoral College and the White House.

“This year hasn’t been what I envisioned,” Clinton wrote. “But I know what I am still fighting for: a kinder, big hearted, inclusive America. Onward.”

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